The Hope of Resurrection

We pray that this has been a meaningful experience for you and that you have encountered Jesus in a deeper way. Thank you for walking this path.

When you come to this station, please take a few moments to share what you have put together. You can upload your photo by clicking here or you can email it to You may also upload it to social media using #2020stations.

You may see what others have shared by clicking here.

Please also write your first name or your initials in the comments below as a sign of having completed this journey.

When you are ready to advance, click here.


  1. Beautiful. Powerful. In the midst of all the preparation for this week, this experience today (Saturday), made my Holy Week holy. I know how much work this represents. So lovingly presented. Thank you Ed, Amy, Lisa, and Lily.


  2. Sadness is my prevailing feeling. But much appreciated the opportunity to do this project of the stations. So every meaning ful. Well done . Nancy J


    1. That is correct in the traditional. But we chose to add the last for this experience to point toward the hope that is embedded in the cross and coming from the empty tomb to be celebrated on Sunday. Thank you for your comment.


  3. Very meaningful, spiritual and I was glad to partake of your offering. Readings were beautifully read. Thank you all


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